Árpád Center’s Neighbourhood Renewed

A stylish, accessible and green community space has been created on the Váci Office Corridor around the Árpád Center office building. This is one of the most spectacularly developing parts of the 13th district, home to Budapest’s trendiest new office park Agora with a wide variety of services.

Within arm’s reach of Árpád Center, Agora Budapest’s shops and facilities serve the daily demands of the office building’s tenants. Beside restaurants, a hairdresser, a supermarket, a drugstore and a fitness centre await those who work or live nearby. It is most relaxing to take a walk and breathe some fresh air in the tastefully designed community areas; a green surface the size of 15 tennis courts was created and shaped with rows of trees and grassy promenades to give it a park-like character. The “agora” created in the central part of the building complex is an oasis for the lovers of terraces, while Árbóc street contributes to the modern, stylish setting with its renovated pavement and a refurbished bus station.

“There have been a lot of improvements in the vicinity of Árpád Center, and even more are to follow. Thanks to the inspiring work environment, this is one of the most attractive, easily accessible parts of Budapest.” – commented Csaba Zeley, Head of Asset Management at ConvergenCE.