Gastronomic delights at ConvergenCE instead of exterior lighting

From the end of November, Christmas decorations appear in shop displays, the streets of the city centre are illuminated with special lights and the pavilions of public spaces offering different services grow like mushrooms. We are increasingly encountering holiday-related content on TV, on online platforms and in print. The Christmas spirit is permeating our everyday lives without us noticing.

With the difficulties of the past year weighing heavily on the shoulders of businesses, families and singles, it is particularly important to pay attention to our fellow human beings and take care of each other. This year, ConvergenCE wants to be both responsible in a difficult situation and at the same time try to express in the most honest way what its customers, tenants and partners mean to the company.

To keep the increasing operating costs in mind, this year none of ConvergenCE’s office buildings are decorated with exterior lights, but the lobbies and reception areas are given a unique atmosphere with Christmas trees and decorations. Local festive displays, food and drinks that best evoke the Christmas spirit bring the holidays even closer to the people who work in the offices. attention to detail was a key factor in the Christmas surprises, as was the colour and quality of the offering. The venues offered office tenants unique but well-known products made from local and international ingredients, with a special focus on those with gluten intolerance or special dietary needs.

In addition to the installations and gastronomic experience, the ConvergenCE team felt it was important to think about celebrating the underprivileged and supporting those in need.
“We placed donation boxes at the reception areas of the office buildings, where we collected donations thematically,” said Krisztián Friman, Property Manager of ConvergenCE . “We collected food, toys and clothing for the children and other essentials for the adults. We also received relevant accessories, blankets, bed linen and cleaning supplies, which this year were donated to the Oltalom Karitatív Egyesület (Salvation Charitable Association) . We are confident that with our initiative we can bring a little joy into the lives of many people in need and make their holidays happier despite the circumstances.”