‘DBH’ for the fourth time at Eiffel Square

It’s been nearly a tradition- as this was the fourth- that the ‘DBH’ (Drinks Before Home) is organized under the coordination of ConvergenCE at nU bisztró & l’bor in Eiffel Square. At this time the occasion was sponsored by the newly designed Margit Palace (www.margitpalace.com) and Terrapark Next (www.terraparknext.com) office buildings, which are owned by JP Morgan and asset managed by ConvergenCE.

The first ’Drinks Before Home’ was organized by the Construction & Investment Journal (‘CIJ’) 7 years ago to provide an informal venue for real estate professionals working in Central & Eastern Europe.

Due to the sunny, late summer weather conditions a fair number of professionals attended to the event. Similar to the previous ‘DBH’-s coordinated by ConvergenCE, the guests had a very pleasant and relaxed evening together.

Images taken on the event can be seen at the gallery.