Eventful summer at Eiffel Square Office Building

Life hasn’t stopped at Eiffel Square during this summer. The past few years Eiffel Square has become a popular community area in the city center, due to continuous revival and activities provided by the Eiffel Square Office Building and its property manager, ConvergenCE.

Have some rest in the heart of the City

HVG (Heti Világgazdaság – Weekly World Economics) was guided through Eiffel Square Office Building and Park by its property managers, ConvergenCE. The jurnalist’s experiences are written in the following article. (The article is in hungarian) Budapest közepén, mégis a városi nyüzsgéstől szeparáltan dolgozni valódi ritkaság, vagyis inkább luxus. A Nyugati pályaudvar mellett lévő Eiffel Tér … Read more

Budapest: an attractive investment market

How does a CEE real estate pioneer see the post-crisis CEE market? How did CEE markets transform into mature property markets starting in the late nineties? Which countries are the most attractive in the region? What does the Budapest market offer? We spoke to Alan Vincent, B.Sc., MRICS, managing director of ConvergenCE.   You are … Read more

‘DBH’ for the fourth time at Eiffel Square

It’s been nearly a tradition- as this was the fourth- that the ‘DBH’ (Drinks Before Home) is organized under the coordination of ConvergenCE at nU bisztró & l’bor in Eiffel Square. At this time the occasion was sponsored by the newly designed Margit Palace (www.margitpalace.com) and Terrapark Next (www.terraparknext.com) office buildings, which are owned by … Read more