Eventful summer at Eiffel Square Office Building


Life hasn’t stopped at Eiffel Square during this summer. The past few years Eiffel Square has become a popular community area in the city center, due to continuous revival and activities provided by the Eiffel Square Office Building and its property manager, ConvergenCE.

Eiffel Square’s park and the Office Building terraces have been renewed with a future-proof and beautiful WPC deck flooring on 1,500 square meters, available for both tenants and park visitors.

“Wood-plastic composite is a new, innovative material which is dimensionally stable and resilient. Its abrasion-resistance is significantly better than wood’s, therefore it doesn’t require regular maintenance” – says Krisztián Friman, Facility Manager. Maintenance of the new flooring is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, since it doesn’t require regular chemical treatment and the covering can be produced with reusable material.

Though the re-decking of Eiffel Square Office Building’s terrace wasn’t immediately necessary, ConvergenCE believes tenant satisfaction and setting a high standard for the public park (one of the nicest in the downtown) are of paramount importance for the whole environment.

Its importance also relies on Eiffel Square’s new status as a summer city meeting point. Open-air Zsiráf Beer Garden welcomed thousands of football fans during the World Cup and it is still offering a wide range of programs, including live music performances during the autumn.

Tenants of Eiffel Square Office Building remained active despite the summer heat-waves. Property developer and operator of the building, ConvergenCE has been organizing blood donations for over six years together with the Hungarian Red Cross. The initiative was originally meant for tenants, although it is open for everyone who wishes to support this good cause. The continued enthusiasm of the tenants and their employees has resulted in such continued success. The venue is usually provided by REMIX, Tesco secures the blood-sugar level of donors by offering food and drinks and Black Bird Ltd., cleaning company ensures the necessary levels of hygiene.