Renewal of the Medicover Eiffel Clinic

An elegant, harmonious and comfortable interior will be awaiting patients at the Medicover Clinic on the ground floor of Eiffel Square. In partnership with ConvergenCE as project managers, a full scale renovation has taken place recently at the health centre.

„The challenge of the renovation was that it was carried out area-by-area, without any disruption to the work of the Medicover Eiffel Clinic” – says Csaba Zeley, Asset Management Director of ConvergenCE.

The interior reconstruction of the Medicover health centre that occupies 2,200m² at Eiffel Square Offices, took four months. Medicover’s health centre has been successfully operating for six years at Eiffel Square. In addition to the centre’s high quality medical services and state of the art equipment, the excellent location and good accessibility of Eiffel Square have also greatly contributed to its success.

Medicover Eiffel Clinic provides services to tens of thousands of patients annually, covering over 40 medical specialties. The 25,600m², six floor Eiffel Square Offices, hosting Medicover’s health centre, is one of the most popular office buildings in the capital, with an occupancy rate close 100%.