Saját kezükkel szépítettek meg egy udvart az ingatlanfejlesztők

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Vackor kindergarten member of the Gézengúz day care center is now enriched with a beautiful front yard and a nature trail with the help of ConvergenCE. In addition to expertise and financial aid, colleagues of the company personally renewed the XXth district kindergarten’s yard.

“ConvergenCE aims to take responsibility for the community including its clients, business partners and employees and for the wider society as well. We have been raising donations and supporting organizations for several years. On top of financial aid, this time our colleagues offered their own workforce to support the upcoming generation” – added Csaba Zeley, director of asset management at ConvergenCE.

Hidden in the green belt of Budapest’s XXth district, Vackor is one of the oldest kindergartens of the city with its homely building open for children since 1902. Since July, a cozy front garden makes the kindergarten an even friendlier place for the 70 children attending the center every day.

ConvergenCE picked up shovels and revived the tiny garden with their own hands. The project had two objectives: renovating the previously empty yard and creating a nature trail with an aim to help children learn more about community life, health and environment. The new trail runs around three fairytale-like flower beds where the little ones can get acquainted with annual and perennial plants and herbs. Since July, children can play on a soft grass lawn spreading over the 100 square meter garden.

“Our kindergarten program emphasizes environmental education. We would like to shape behavior norms and values children need in order to become individuals who respect, protect and understand their surroundings. Our task is to raise their attention to nature’s values, its beauty and problems. The new garden provides an opportunity for the complex development of children and it is also available to the pupils of the two additional member institutions of the Gézengúz day care center” – Ilona Szabó, leader of the institution summed up the role of the new yard.

ConvergenCE for society

ConvergenCE’s long-time policy is to utilize corporate resources to help the community. The company supports the Hospice Foundation, Bátor Tábor, a foundation for children with serious illness and Diswake, a sport initiative for the disabled. Besides fundraising, the company also organizes blood donations together with the Hungarian Red Cross and tenants at the Eiffel Square Office Building. During the holiday season several tenants in ConvergenCE managed buildings are also opting to support families in extreme poverty through the National Association of Families instead of giving Christmas presents to each other.[/vc_column_text][vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”692,693,694,698,695,696,697,699,700,701,702″][/vc_column][/vc_row]