Office relocation from A to Z – How to move your office step by step?

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Moving is always a big challenge. In the case of office relocation, the situation is even more difficult. Accurately planning your operations and properly managing the process requires both the right knowledge and full preparedness. Drawing on our experience over the past few years, we have now put together a five-step list that will help all those looking for an office.
1 year until move / expiry – How to get started!


Before starting anything, it’s worth looking at the obligations, deadlines and other information in your current office contract.

When this information is available, it is advisable to start the process by exploring the office market. It is essential to define your precise needs so that you can easily choose the best options.

However, when moving an office, it is also worth considering the cooperation with additional service providers: you may need an interior designer, a project manager or a commercial property lawyer to create your dream office.

Providing the appropriate technical conditions for the day-to-day operation of a company also requires special attention. In order to ensure a problem-free move, the selection of IT, low voltage cabling and telecommunications partners is also part of the job. Furniture, branding and office equipment are also essential to create a pleasant everyday environment for your employees.

However, to make the perfect choice, it is essential to visit the offices in person! Out of the best 5 or 6 options selected on the basis of main criteria, the final decision will be based on the experience gained during the on-site visits. Once the finalist has been found, the next step is to agree on the details of the contract and the deadlines.

Weeks 4-6 – The countdown begins!

Before the move, the lessor will usually give you access to the leased property in advance, which is time well spent on setting up IT and low-voltage systems.

It is also recommended to start coordinating with your partners actively involved in the move. The selection of the moving company, the technical equipment supplier and the cleaning company plays a crucial role in the process.

After determining the exact timing, it is also recommended to start the administrative tasks: changing the business cards, the postal address, notifying the partners, the bank and the insurance company are all essential.

Don’t forget to consult with the moving contractors and the colleagues involved about the House Rules of the new building.

Week 3 – The last details

Once the operational issues have been resolved, it is worth sharing with each employee the exact procedure for the move.

This period is the most important phase in the preparations, so you should pay attention to the smallest details. Waste storage, reserving freight elevators, constant monitoring of the contractors’ work are all essential factors for a trouble-free move.

It is advisable to discuss all issues with the lessor in advance to avoid misunderstandings. The responsibility for preparing the access rights to the different spaces of the office building lies also with the lessor, so you can even ask their help with this.

Weeks 1-2 – Final touches

We recommend that all cards and codes are provided on time to ensure  smooth access for the employees! It is advisable to organise another site visit, so that any problems employees may have can be addressed before the move.

The big day – change of base

The day to move has come! It is important that your IT equipment arrives safely first, which your team can test immediately. The decorative elements will make your future work environment even more attractive.

It is recommended that the contractors check all functions in the office to ensure that they are working smoothly and supporting the employees. Sell any unnecessary furniture as soon as possible and finalise any other remaining tasks.

After moving in, check the new office together with the lessor and do the snagging together. These works must be recorded in writing in a list of defects.

Once the above has been completed, you can enjoy the opportunities of our new office without any problems. Your dream office has been set!