ConvergenCE offices are now ready to welcome guests with special access needs

ConvergenCE prioritizes social sustainability, with a particular focus on accessibility. Their office buildings: CityZen, ZenGarden and Kálvin Square, obtained Access4you certification in 2020, being among the first to do so.

The Access4you certification mark needs to be renewed every three years. During this process, experts from the company assess and evaluate the building’s ease of use for people with special needs. This ensures that the detailed accessibility information available in the Access4you database remains up to date. Recently, three office buildings under the management of ConvergenCE underwent a review and successfully met the requirements defined by the company. As a result, they are all authorized to use the Access4you certification mark.


“When it comes to enhancing customer experience and fostering long-term partnerships, we have realized that the essence lies in the smallest details,” said Dóra Papp-Vas, Leasing Director at ConvergenCE. “We place great importance in ensuring that not only the daily office users, but also their guests can fully benefit from our services. That is why our office buildings provide an inclusive environment for visitors arriving in wheelchairs, the elderly, individuals with mobility limitations, parents with strollers, as well as those accompanied by service dogs. We strive to pay attention to quality not only in the building materials and technical services but also in our mindset and attentiveness to one another.”

Access4you is a certification with bronze, silver, and gold levels. All buildings that meet the requirements and obtain the certification mark can be viewed on the website and the Access4you mobile application.