ConvergenCE offices are now ready to welcome guests with special access needs

ConvergenCE prioritizes social sustainability, with a particular focus on accessibility. Their office buildings: CityZen, ZenGarden and Kálvin Square, obtained Access4you certification in 2020, being among the first to do so.   The Access4you certification mark needs to be renewed every three years. During this process, experts from the company assess and evaluate the building’s ease … Read more

Well known tech company at Kálvin Square Office Building

A rapidly growing SaaS company is moving into the Kálvin Square Office Building, which was recognised with a BREEAM Excellent rating in September. Headquartered in Singapore, Trax has established branches in many parts of the world, with offices in Denver Colorado, Paris, Tel Aviv, and Budapest. Employing more than 600 people, the tech company’s employees … Read more

Developing or refurbishing? – the Excellent rating of ConvergenCE’s office buildings shows the way

Renovated buildings and imposing new architectural masterpieces are captivating human imagination as a symbol of progress, a thriving economy and the constant ability to renew. However, in a world of ever-shrinking resources, many people are asking the appropriate question: how often and how quickly should we demolish and rebuild? Is the ecological footprint smaller for … Read more

Swiss travel agency relocates to square named after Swiss reformer

One of Europe’s most rapidly growing online travel platforms, Risskov, has found a new home in Budapest, at Kálvin Square. Offering “A” category, premium services, Kálvin Square Office Building will provide unique facilities for the company, which is expanding in Hungary after Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany and has more than 275,000 clients.   “Everyone … Read more

Offices Revitalised: CityZen and Kálvin Square Among Budapest’s Most Successful Office Buildings

With 80% and 100% occupancy, the CityZen and Kálvin Square Office Buildings, operated by ConvergenCE, are among the most successful recent offices in Budapest. Starting in 2015, CityZen underwent a complete exterior and interior renovation and Kálvin Square received a facelift through smaller but effective transformations.